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Who We Are
Welcome to Oliver Jewelry online. I am Oliver, a contemporary jewelry artist born in Hamburg Germany that uses traditional metalsmithing techniques as well as modern technologies to create edgy, one of a kind designs. Shapes and textures I find in nature are a constant source of inspiration for my designs.
Our Philosophy
EXPRESS your UNIQUE self with jewelry that has PERSONALITY. My slogan sums up my design philosophy. I am extremely humbled when a customer decides to express their personality by wearing my jewelry. My goal is to make the wearer feel confident, bold, empowered but also attractive, beautiful and sensual.
Virtual Tour
If you have not had a chance to experience my collection of unique handmade jewelry at the many art festivals that I am attending throughout the year, I invite you to take a virtual tour and hopefully you will enjoy my jewelry as much as I love creating it. Review my Show Schedule to find out where I will be showing my work next.
Featured Jewelry

Dunes Dangle Silver Earrings

The perfect silver dangle earrings, no matter of the the occasion.

Star Silver Necklace

Shake up your style with this sculptural and contemporary handmade silver pendant.

Sea Anemone Ring

Express your personality with this cocktail ring and add confidence to your look.