Art Related Websites

Here you will find interesting online destinations to other art related websites. These links have been carefully selected and are continuously maintained for your ongoing enjoyment. We hope you will enjoy your exploration.

Art2D Gallery & Studio by Timothy Parker

Art2D offers the convenience of a Naples based studio and the ability to create artwork in a variety of styles, sizes and subject matter. Large Original Paintings and Custom Prints, as well as Abstract, Contemporary, Tropical and Nude Paintings.

Samantha Freeman Jewelry Design

Samantha Freeman is a British born jewelry designer who has traveled the world with curiosity and delight. The strong visuals of foreign cultures provide the vocabulary from which she draws to write her story in jewelry. Unique designs which are wearable, comfortable and timeless.

The Perfect View by Bob and Patti Stern

Creating one-of-a-kind pieces by taking antique artifacts and turning them into ART! We take pride in providing a new life to vintage windows and 19-20th century items to create a fun way to accessorize your home. We blend the beauty of these materials to create our own one-of-a-kind art pieces.

Nyeari Jewelry Design

Our work is born from a collective endeavor where each unique piece is designed and handcrafted by both of us. While the pieces are meticulously engineered, it is the story that drives the creation: an adventure in history, discovery and transformation, from the Bronze Age to the present and onward to the unknown.

The graphite pencil drawings of David Bjurstrom

David Bjurstrom makes his home in Corvallis, Oregon. His highly detailed drawings, though broadly defined as ‘western’, encompass a wide range of subject matter from landscapes and animals to people and still lifes.

Douglas Wunder Jewelry

My jewelry features abstract geometric images. Inspiration comes from the combination of natural and technological objects. The manner in which balance, contrast and shape flow together compose the feel of my work.