Sterling Silver Bracelets - Artisan Made

Browse our collection of sterling silver bracelets for women and find the perfect piece of jewelry. We craft contemporary silhouettes for a versatile flair.

Bamboo Silver Bracelet

Wrap your wrists in this silver bracelet and breathe new life into your wardrobe.

Lace Silver Bracelet

Draw attention and add drama to your wardrobe with this silver bracelet.

Wide Wave Cuff

Elevate your glam game with this beautifully shaped sterling silver cuff.

Braided Ribbon Bracelet

Accessorize any look with this daring and dramatic handmade silver bracelet.

Wave Cuff

Ride a wave of sophisticated style when you wear this sterling silver cuff bracelet.

Serengeti Silver Bracelet

Show off who you are and what you love with this powerful silver bracelet.

Ribbon Fanned Cuff

Treat yourself to this timeless handmade silver bracelet for a bold statement.

Twin Dunes Bracelet

Enhance any style with this original handcrafted silver bracelet.