Products tagged with 'sterling silver jewelry'

Serengeti Blue Topaz Earrings

A truly elegant pair of sterling silver earrings that will add flair to any outfit.

Bamboo Stud Pearl Earrings

Timeless stud pearl earrings to accentuate your fashionable wardrobe.

Grape Silver Necklace

Create a look that is all you and say hello to your new favorite piece of jewelry.

Primrose Silver Necklace

This adoringly crafted silver necklace is the perfect fit for any style or occasion.

Bamboo Pearl Pendant

Chic, elegant and classic is how you will feel wearing this pearl silver pendant.

Nautilus Silver Necklace

This attention-grabbing pieces of two-tone jewelry will add confidence to your look.

Serengeti Silver Necklace

Adorn yourself with this bold and powerful handmade silver necklace.

Daisy Silver Necklace

Express your personality and add dazzle to your outfit with this unique silver necklace.

Sea Anemone Necklace

Pull off the perfect look and express your personality with this unique silver necklace.

Bamboo Pearl Necklace

Make a lasting impression by wearing this stunning two-tone pearl silver necklace.

Lace Silver Bracelet

Draw attention and add drama to your wardrobe with this silver bracelet.

Bamboo Silver Bracelet

Wrap your wrists in this silver bracelet and breathe new life into your wardrobe.

Ridge Citrine Ring

Adorning yourself in rings isn't just for special occasions try this edgy design.

Rose Silver Ring

This exquisite cocktail ring will make you the center of attention wherever you go.

Snow White Silver Ring

Give everyone a first-hand look at your individual style with this wearable sculpture.

Crown Flower Silver Ring

If you have a passion for creative style this silver ring will be the right match for you.

Sea Anemone Ring

Express your personality with this cocktail ring and add confidence to your look.

Volcano Silver Necklace

The simplicity of this handcrafted silver necklace creates endless styling options.

Volcano Stud Silver Earrings

Beautifully crafted silver earrings with unique character for an elegant look.

Dunes Stud Silver Earrings

The perfect choice of silver earrings, no matter where you’re going or the occasion.

Dunes Stud Pearl Earrings

These handmade stud pearl earrings are timeless and the perfect finishing touch.

Dunes Marque Stud Earrings

This effortless and eye-catching pair of stud earrings are right for every occasion.

Rose Silver Necklace

Your style will blossom with this stunning handmade floral silver necklace.

Dunes Silver Necklace

Show off your fashion know-how with this incredible looking silver necklace.