Products tagged with 'handcrafted'

Grape Stud Silver Earrings

Throw out your style rules and change up your look to combine bold gold and silver.

Snow Flake Drop Earrings

Steal the spotlight with these daring silver earrings and add drama to your wardrobe.

Cascading Grape Stud Earrings

Mix and match metals for a modern, edgy effect with these stud silver earrings.

Seashell Stud Silver Earrings

These silver earrings capture attention with a pop of color to brighten any day.

Nautilus Drop Earrings

Be the center of attention with these stunning handmade silver earrings.

Snow Flake Necklace

Sterling Silver, 18 Gold & Topaz Necklace

Serengeti Silver Bracelet

Show off who you are and what you love with this powerful silver bracelet.

Rose Stud Silver Earrings

Spice up your outfit with these stud silver earrings for an elegant and elevated look.

Gold Bamboo Cuff

18k Gold & Diamonds Cuff Bracelet

Gold Bamboo Ring

18k Gold & Diamonds Bamboo Ring

Gold Bamboo Earrings

18k Gold & Topaz Bamboo Earrings

Gold Tanzanite Rose Ring

18k Gold & Tanzanite Rose Solitaire Ring

Tanzanite Rose Earrings

18k Gold & Tanzanite Rose Earrings

Wrapped In Gold Ring

18k Gold & Diamond Wrapped Ring

Gold Wide Braided Cuff

18k Gold Wide Braided Cuff Bracelet

Wrapped In Gold Diamond Ring

18k Gold & Diamond Wrapped Ring

Gold Braided Cuff

18k Gold Braided Cuff Bracelet with texture

Flower Stud Silver Earrings

These flower silver earrings are a must for your stylish and stunning jewelry wardrobe.

Star Silver Necklace

Shake up your style with this sculptural and contemporary handmade silver pendant.